Transport & Fleet solutions

Find and Follow have Australia’s most advanced GPS monitoring solutions used by industry leaders nationwide. Find and Follow offer advanced live and historical tracking, vehicle tracking, real time tracking, route monitoring, gps for car, polygon way points, temperature monitoring and speed alerting plus a wide range of reports. Find and Follow can also customise solutions for any specialised gps monitoring requirements.

Equipment & Asset Solutions

Valuable assets are often being used by a third party and out of the sight of those who own them. These assets usually represent a significant capital expenditure for companies. Find and Follow have the perfect solution to ensure you never lose sight of your assets again.

Caravan Tracking Solution

Find and Follow have the ideal solution for your caravan tracking and monitoring needs. The Find and Follow Alarm Tracker is a complete alarm system, detecting any undesired presence with the capability to track the caravan/campervan’s movements in the event of a theft.

Motorcycle GPS Tracking & Anti-Theft System

Find and Follow has an advanced security and tracking system for motorcycles. Find and Follow Mini Tracker with its compact size, power saving & deep sleep modes are the perfect solution to your anti-theft and tracking needs.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Australia has one of the highest rates of motor vehicle theft in the world. Around 82,900 motor vehicles were stolen in Australia in 2009-10 and around 25% of those vehicles were never recovered.
Find and Follow offer portable vehicle tracking devices, hard wired permanent devices, devices with integrated alarms and shock alerts and even a remote engine cut off function. These devices are designed for both passenger and light commercial vehicle use.

Personal GPS Solutions

Find and Follow brings you two essential services in one small, easy to use device. It is a personal real time GPS tracker and an SOS emergency alerting device. The Find and Follow Personal Tracker is an extremely versatile device that can be used by almost anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Boat & Jetski Tracking Solution

Find and Follow has an advanced security and tracking system ideal for monitoring your favourite water craft. Within seconds of your boat or jetski being towed, ignition being switched or battery running low, the device raises the alarm by instant email or text message to a mobile phone.

Website Monitoring

Website Monitoring

Login and view your tracking device locations, car track, tracking systems. Setup boundary fences, speed alarms and SOS alerts. Find and Follow also have audio, video, fuel and temperature monitoring options available. Find and Follow provides GPS for cars, GPS devices.

Where are they now?

Where are they now?

Share your travels with family and friends everyday.  Facebook, Google Maps, email, or SMS. Even let family send an SMS to locate you any time, any day.

Track from you phone

Track From Your Phone

Send an SMS and get back a location and speed report.  Click to view a Map, send an SMS to disable the engine, or  trigger an alarm.   Simple, powerful, and convenient.

Movement Alert

Movement Alert

SMS and online alerts tell you when your tracker is on the move.  Setup boundaries for onsite equipment, or detect any movement.  Tracking your toys, work gear (and kids) has never been so easy!

Maintenance Due?

Maintenance Due?

Have Find and Follow monitor your maintenance schedules and alert you when your equipment is due for scheduled downtime. No need to undertake manual maintenance audits and no risk of wear and tear.

Lots of options

Lots of Options

Find and Follow has lots of options to meet your tracking and security needs: Mini personal trackers to solar powered asset management solutions, weatherproof, long life batteries and customised software solutions.

About Find And Follow

Find and Follow Pty Ltd provides the latest in GPS for tracking and mobile tracking, the best gps security services specifically designed for Australian conditions. The company operates a global tracking network from a data centre in Melbourne. Find and Follow provides solutions suited from individual applications to fleet and network asset management needs.


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